Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Hello colleagues!

Finally, we reached the end of our course, the time passed incredibly fast!

Now, I'm looking at our
Wiki,  Nicenetand my Blog, and I've come to conclusion that we did enormous work!

It's absolutely fascinating!

Throughout the course, I tried tons of useful things with my students, you know what, they now look at the Internet resources with great interest and enthusiasm.
Thank you Courtney for helpful resources and beneficial ideas! You did it! Now I incorporate new tools and technology more frequently than I did before. The credit goes to you Courtney as an instructor of this course! I appreciate each of your step in clarifying every piece of information, thank you once again!

  I've created lots of things online and the results, I hope are more than just good! The best thing is definitely a "WebQuest", it was really challenging extra credit task, but I coped with it successfully!

Also, creating a
Blog was fun and interesting in the same way as Padlet and Interactive PPT.
By the way, I started implementing the Blog and Padlet on my lessons! Ss love it!

   As for Quizlet and Delicious my results are the following:



As for other tools, such as creating a
Google Doc, online handouts with various activities and Google forms, they were quite interesting too! These tools are very time-saving indeed! 

   In a nutshell, this week was really interesting one, because I've identified my level of technology integration, it was useful and beneficial!

   I'd like to thank all of you colleagues for fruitful collaboration and useful feedback on my work throughout the course! Your thought-provoking ideas were absolutely essential!
Thank you a lot! I wish you all the best!


Best regards,

Zulyar Kavashev

Kazakhstan, Almaty


  1. Hi Zulyar

    Yes. We have finally reached the end of our course. We have certainly done fantastic work during the last 10 weeks. We did not feel the passage of time as everybody was immersed in the tasks and assignments, grabbing every opportunity to learn new things.

    Your blog is the true reflection of your exciting journey through the web world, passionately learning everything that the web world can offer. I like your blog and the interesting posts. Your devotion to learn about technology tools and your hard work to scale great heights are vividly expressed in your blog.

    Stay in touch.

    All the best!
    Sasi Raj from India

  2. Hi Zulyar,

    This has been an amazing journey! Your posts always made it brighter! Hats off to your HTML skills!

    Thank you for your great posts. I am surely going to bother you with any questions I have regarding HTML in the future. Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes, partner!

  3. Hi Zulyar,

    You ended it with a great post!
    Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts, feelings and experience!
    It seems that each one of us has immensely benefited from this course! Let's keep practicing what we've learnt and try our best to better integrate technology at higher and higher levels.

    All the best,
    Ravaka from Madagascar

  4. Dear Sharmilla, Zulyar, and everyone,
    Thank you so much for being cooperative and thank you so much for your encouragement. It has been a great course for the amount of skills and knowledge we have gained, and exposed to. It is because you have been proactive and persistence.
    You have pushed everyone to be active and engaging. You have invested a considerable time, effort throughout the course. This can be seen from your reflections and contributions that have been worth reading.

    Abdesalam ZOUITA

  5. Hi Zular,
    I am really fascinated with your works.You are the greatest one.Thank you for your collaborative work, comments ,post and your help.
    I wish your bright future as your blog is always bright.




  7. Hey Zulyar I greatly appreciate your comments and I hope we keep in touch. Always trying to improve and grow is a task we can all do together. I really hope you and your students can participate in my international community idea of which I'll be sending you information soon.